Cue the sultry music for this post, gang!

Today I'm featuring Mellissa, a stunning, voluptuous and sexy woman. Mellissa attend Boudoir St. Louis back in February. This boudoir session was particularly special, I've known her for close to twenty years. 

As you can see, Mellissa is incredibly beautiful, but looks aren't the only thing she's got going on. Just recently married, an awesome mom and just recently started making jewelry. You can find her designs here. Everyone check her out. 

I've always told Mellissa that she was beautiful. Her personality fills the room whenever she enters. Like many of us, after life has knocked us back and forth we tend to critic ourselves and think that we aren't as beautiful as we are. 

What I think Mellissa has learned from this session alone was and I quote, "I am beautiful and I don't need anyone to tell me, I gave and continue to give life and that's beauty in itself." That's some great advice for anyone on the fence about doing a boudoir session. 

This session was supposed to be 45 minutes but because we haven't seen each other and we've been friends close to 20 years, this session was very refreshing for both of us. My friend built up some confidence and I was refreshed in seeing my friend exude her confidence and enjoy the moment that she was having that was 100% about her.

Alright......No more talking – let's get to the pictures!