Is it sexual? Is it explicit? Is it appropriate? People will make assumptions.

But wait, you mean I can pose in my sexy lingerie and feel beautiful? Yes, I am here to tell you that you can pose in your sexy lingerie and feel beautiful, feel free, be at peace and guess what....You don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Last month I outed myself. I posted literally one image from my session and the comments I received from it was pretty crazy. Yes, I got major positive vibes but surprisingly and unsurprisingly my DM was going crazy. First off let me just say that I am not one for attention to my body. I am very aware of what I have under my clothing and prefer to keep it to myself and eventually share it with that one person. Let me rock my jeans, t-shirt and hoodie and be happy...that's just me.

So for the image that I initially showed to blow up I was shocked because I was still covered up. It was the equivalent of a granny swimsuit in my opinion because swimsuits show a hell of a lot more skin. But anyway, I received comments like "thirst trap", "aye let me holla", "damn, when you get all of that" and there were some other extreme vulgar comments that I'll just leave in my DM....they were granted no response at all.

In the last blog I told you that I wanted to lead by example. I couldn't encourage women to free themselves and think positive of their bodies if I wasn't able to show them that I too was team #bodypositivity. Well in some ways it worked perfectly. Listen, I'm booked and busy and I'm happy about it. But in other ways it revealed some internal insecurities that I didn't know I had. My session was literally like a therapy session. And when I saw the final images I saw every bruise, every scar, every dent, every roll, etc. I immediately started saying to myself ohhhh girl whew should have sucked that in, oh man that's your bad side, etc. I myself started bashing myself before anyone else had the chance to do that. But I quickly got out of it and started pointing out the great things about myself.

Here I was sitting looking at the images like wow Elaine, you're gorgeous. Damn, Elaine look at your body. Elaine, you look so happy right here. Wow, Elaine look at that smile. Elaine OMG, you're brave, I can't believe you did that. Elaine...this is different for you. Elaine, have you see your skin lately....OMG!!! Each image and there were so many, I just went through them and started pumping myself up.

Boudoir photography is literally an experience. An experience that only you can describe once you experience it. I can say the sessions that I've done, the smiles and laughs are genuine. The sexiness is natural. Nothing is forced. Each woman that I've shot so far their smiles come from somewhere deep down that says I'm comfortable in my skin and damn this feels really good doing right now.

Getting #positivelybodied is all about loving yourself and feeling good in your body. This is a personal experience about love and rediscovering ones own beauty. Women need it, women want it and most of all they are so deserving of it.

This is what boudoir photography experience like none other. An opportunity to love one yourself just a little bit more than the day before and remember that you're completely beautiful.

Enjoy the images below from a now repeat client. All you see is happiness and what's crazy is every woman has a story of when they didn't feel so happy about themselves.

Are you ready to get. #positivelybodiedbyelj?