Ooh la la!

Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It features Brittany Hillman, a stunning, gorgeous, sexy, confident, poised and elegant woman who was an absolute pleasure to photograph. As you can see, she is extremely photogenic. 

We met at Residence Inn in North Charlotte for her session. Her hair was done by Nadaka Hassan on ig @infinitybeautybarclt and makeup was done by Da’Shanae on ig @letmypeoplefree, who did an impeccable job. 

Once Brittany was settled, become comfortable and relaxed we began the shoot. She brought 3 changes of clothing for the session and I loved them all. She really screamed confidence in each of them. She brought with her an Ivory Trench Coat, White lingerie body suit both from Fashion Nova and a Black overlay from Night N Days. 

We talked beforehand, and decided to go for a fun environment where she was able to relax and most importantly have fun. I definitely think we were able to capture that!

Says Brittany: “My session was amazing I was very nervous but once I got there and took a moment to breathe everything turned out great!.”

I'm glad to hear she had such a positive experience! 

Without further adieu, the sultry Brittany!