Life Changing Events Hurt

My grandmother used to say "keep living".  At 14-15 I really didn't understand the magnitude of the phrase. Even today I'm still learning to "keep living". Life has a way of breaking you down and at the same time building you up. We have a choice on how long we want to stay down and how soon we want to move in the direction of up. Significant life changing events can bring pain, disappointment, and doubts about the future. It can have you rethinking your past decisions, reminiscing about everything that led to this point, and wondering how to rebuild your life. 

Women are so strong. I'm baffled at the strength of the women that I've been able to capture. The emotional turmoil one can go through can shatter a woman's self-worth and make her uneasy and fearful about what's next in life. 

If you've ever asked me about boudoir, you know I get excited about it and really encourage it for all women. It's a joy to be able to see another woman light up when they've gotten the encouragement they needed to just keep going. 

I recently went to Montego Bay, Jamaica. While there I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful and elegant Tanya B. Check out her images below as she was extremely photogenic. I'm glad she was able to step out of her comfort zone and step in front of the camera. 

Was she nervous....of course she was. This is what she said, " Yes, I was nervous about reveling myself to the camera. For some people it is difficult to see yourself for whom you have become. My level of comfort increased when I was on the beach. I gave myself over to the process and started to believe in who and what I am." 

This boudoir session was particularly special, as she is now learning herself again after a divorce.

If you’re looking for a soul-searching, deeply intimate experience that will help you unlock your hidden potential, boudoir photography will let you shine bright. Here are three reasons to book your session:

1. Get empowered

Looking at your boudoir images, you’ll see yourself in a new light, which can be an eye-opening experience. You’ll be amazed by the woman looking back at you from the photos – a gorgeous, confident, and independent person who has so many great days ahead of her. These images can help you rediscover the power that you forgot you had. 

2. Make a fresh start

If your divorce has left you doubting everything you thought you knew, it’s time to take charge of your own narrative. Doing a boudoir shoot is a bold move, so it’s the perfect way to mark this turning point, especially if it’s not something you’d normally do. Start the next chapter with a clean slate and celebrate the fact that there are great things in store for you. 

3. Celebrate your freedom

Yes, you may be starting from scratch in your love life, but you’re also free to make your own decisions and create a brighter future for yourself. A deeply liberating boudoir experience can be your introduction to a more fulfilling existence. Embrace the changes coming your way!