1. To celebrate being comfortable in your skin. Your mate knows you almost just as well as you know yourself. They even appreciate parts of your body that you may have a lack of confidence about. Most women are not a fan of their midsection, but to your mate, that's his favorite place to grab. Your mate allows for a safe space where you can appreciate all that you are.

2. It's time to celebrate a new beginning. Your beginning doesn't have to be something grand like a new marriage, new baby, new body....your new beginning could simply be a bedroom refresher. New beginning can simply be stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing a boudoir session with your mate. The excitement of starting on a path together is always a joy to photograph.  

3. Celebration of LOVE.  Anniversary time, let's spice things up a little bit. Love can be hard, marriage can be hard, and being together for years is celebration-worthy, always.  

4. You need to reconnect. Life can really be crazy and with time unintentionally, we tend to neglect the individuals that we hold dear to our hearts. Sometimes all you need is a moment of intimacy to remember your why.  

5. Obvious two look damn good together. Not much to say here right? You couples really are sexy together. And nothing is more sexier than looking at the one you love and seeing their whole person. That's sexy, you give your mate a level of confidence no one else could even understand.